Trust is the key to film in Japan –

We facilitate to establish TRUST among people

then they will open arms for you to film.

The local culture of each region and community is a pride of people and their life itself. When we have that “culture” as the theme of the documentary production, we have to pay attention and extra care not only for people but whole community at times. This attitude of showing respect, establishes the trust among the people then they will open fully and support our productions. We Zentoh Associates/ Beneroots, LLC support your production with result-oriented high quality services, based on our own trust we have built, and the extending knowledge on Japanese culture. You take not only the movie data, but the tickets to come back again for more!  


- Producer 


We provide producer who can form up the bi-lingual production team and organize the highest quality solutions

for media productions depends on your needs. 

- Director

We provide director to tell stories in the best way possible for the international audience based on our experience and knowledge on Japanese Culture & History. 

- Interviewer/ interpreter  (Japanese/ English/ Spanish)  

We provide experienced inter-cultural interpreter as an interviewer to get the best answers

possible in the limited time to develop the best story possible for the clients’ goal. 

Production Support|

  • Research

  • Logistics

  • Location Management: Scouting / Recce/

  • Obtaining permits

  • Staffing

  • ​​Rental gear / studio

  • Transportation management

  • Drone

  • ​Casting management

  • Interpreter

  • Interviewer

  • Photography

No surprises!! Smile on faces! J





- Intercultural Consultant

We provide Cross-cultural consulting service on international film productions.

We also provide consultation & advising on ways to introduce Japanese culture, people, and products to overseas. Ex) Joint project using Japanese animation characters to game project in Philippines. 

  • Cross Cultureを主題とした講義・講演

  • ​文化観光等へのツール制作サポート

  • Promotion Support

   - ライティング・翻訳作成・デザイン制作

  • 海外Artistの招聘/マッチング

  • インバウンドプロジェクトのアドバイス

  • ​貿易先/取引先国の文化理解に関するレクチャー