Cross Cultural Hub



Beneroots has been established by Michiko Zentoh, who was a fixer for Mr. Anthony Bourdain, an extraordinary program host and a chef for a long time creating his TV programs together in Japan. Through the intensive and broad experience with Tony, Michiko has piled up her knowledge and experience in history and culture in Japan, as well as the skill in intercultural communication and understanding. She established this creative hub, combining that with her expertise in film production and network of talented staff, for everyone to understand their own world and contribute to the peace of our community as one. 



Movie Production

Zentoh Associates produces high-quality movie products and provides any filming related services. We expertise in international production and collaborations.

Our coordination and fixing service has been hired by many international and top-end clientele such as United Nations, Discovery Travels, BBC, National Geographic, Netflix, , and so on.

 (Please refer WORKS for our clients and past programs. )




We provide consulting services for enhancing cultural promotion for government, governmental organizations, local entities and private clients. We have varieties of network in foreign and national media, professionals, universities, and local community & government, and we connect them to create a new, cutting-edge forms of promotion and PR, and elevate the value of local products and culture to international communities.